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Advance Sketch Pads
Heavy-duty drawing paper suitable for pencil, pastels, pen and ink media.
Advance Oslo Paper
A high quality paper for drawing, sketching, and many other school project use.
SIZE: 9" x 12"
LEAVES: Vellum Paper, 100 gsm
PACKING: 25 leaves
SIZE: 9" x 12"
PACKING: 250 sheets/ream

Advance Manila Paper
Affordable recycled paper, great for children's drawing and art projects. Comes in large 36" x 48" sheet making it also popular for presentation and lecture visual aids.
SIZE: 10"x15”,15"x 20”,20"x 30”,30"x40"
  (2 ply and 3 ply)
PACKING: single pack
Topline Illustration Board
Whether for inking, ruling, airbrushing, or matting, these high-quality Illustration Board accepts a wide range of wet and dry media — watercolor, pastels, markers, charcoal, ink, and colored pencils.
SIZE: 36" x 48"
PACKING: 480 sheets / ream