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From pre-school to college,we have everything you need for taking notes, studying, keeping up and getting ahead in school.

We also have arts and crafts products for professional artists, hobbyists and for those who simply want to discover the artist in them.

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Avia Colors
Colored copy paper in vibrant and pastel colors will definitely add life and sparkling contrast for your printed work. Sturdy, heavyweight 80gsm stock for greater strength. Designed for perfect processing in offset presses, low-speed and high-speed copiers, laser and inkjet printers.
Avia Construction Paper
All-purpose, heavyweight contruction paper withstands scoring, folding and curling without cracking or tearing. Available in assorted colors to inspire creativity.

SIZE: Letter, Legal
WEIGHT: Sub. 24, 80 gsm
PACKING: 10 sheets / pack; 250 sheets / pack
  Assorted Colors & Single Color / pack
SIZE: 9" x 12"
PACKING: 20 sheets / pack


Advance has a wide variety of art paper and boards ideal for children's fun arts and school projects, as well as for hobbyists and professional artists' use.

Visit Topline Diversified Inc. website for more arts and crafts brands and products.

Advance Art Paper
Ideal for arts and crafts projects. Variety of colors available.

Resealable plastic pack provide proper paper protection and storage.
SIZE: 22 1/2" x 28 1/2" (74 #)
COLOR: Blue, Green Fuchia, Pink, Red, Gold, Yellow,
  Orange, Cherry, Violet, Lavander
  Imported White - 100gsm; 120gsm
PACKING: 100 sheets / ream
Avia Bright Colored Cartolina
The leading brand in uncoated bristols used for greeting cards, covers, inserts, folders, brochures, return mailers, menus, displays and posters.
SIZE: Letter
COLOR: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Violet, Black,
  Orange, Yellow, Sky Blue, Brown
PACKING: 10 sheets / pack; 500 sheets / pack
  Single Color / pack; Assorted Colors / pack