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Advance offers a wide range of print-size paper, ideal for newsletters, brochures, booklets, instruction sheets and more. These economical, high-performance papers provide reliable and consistent excellent results in high-volume printing. Perfect for commercial printers and publishers.

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Bond Paper
A recycled paper with smooth finish and good print quality. No dust build-up commonly associated with recycled products. Mainly used in letterhead, envelopes, and other papers for official business, it is also used for memos, announcements, manuals, flyers, newsletters, reports, personalized stationery, brochures, and postings. ATM, cash register and POS, and engineering and architectural drawings.
Book Paper
A paper more opaque than bond paper, Book paper is made from virgin pulp. Bright white shade with smooth finish for superior print quality and excellent stiffness design and ideal for 2 side printing. Mainly used for instruction manuals, inside pages of books, letterhead, other papers for official business and all general printing.
A low-cost, non-archival paper that comes in a variety of sizes. Commonly used for printing of newspapers because of its high strength and ability to accept four-color printing. Also used for publication and advertising materials such as brochures, flyers, pamphlets and leaflets.