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Advance Document Envelope

With wide seal flap for added security. Ideal for personal,business and everyday use.
SIZE: Letter, Legal
THICKNESS: 150# and 200#

Statement Envelope
Features standard format for efficient correspondence or record keeping. Made from sturdy brown kraft stock.

Five column format. Two-side print.

Golden Kraft Envelope
Open side design. Diagonal seam construction. Fully gummed flap provides a strong, dependable seal.
SIZE: 6" x 9"

SIZE: 10xx & 6 3/4xx

Advance Mail Envelope
These general purpose envelopes are perfect for a variety of applications. Fully gummed flap provides a strong, dependable seal. Packaged for business and professional use.
PRINTER'S GRADE: 6 3/4xx, 10xx
WHITE BOND: 6 3/4x, 10xx

Advance Colored Bond Paper
Get creative! Make your work stand out with Advance Colored Bond. Assorted hues set documents apart. Great for drawing attention to bulletins and brochures, highlighting sections of reports, color-coding documents, and more.